Our Macarons

Q. How do I store my macarons?
A. Fifi La Femme macarons should be stored on the bottom shelf of your refridgerater. They can be served up to one week after purchase. We recommend serving at room temperature.

Q. I tried a really amazing macaron a few months ago and I would like to purchase it again but it is not on your menu. What happened?
A. We have 6 traditional flavours which are available year-round. We have 6 seasonal flavours which change every 3 months. We take pride in using local seasonal produce and our flavours reflect that commitment.

Q. I would really like a macaron flavour that is not on your menu. Can you help me?
A. We do not offer custom colour macarons but try checking in store to see our selection of seasonal flavours and colours which are not displayed on our website. You can also email us for pictures of current seasonal products.

Our Cupcakes

Q. How do I store my cupcakes?
A. Put those puppies in the fridge! Fifi La Femme cupcakes are fresh for 3 days after purchase. We recommend serving at room temperature in order to truly appreciate the flavour palette.

Q. Do you bake regular size cupcakes?
A. At Fifi La Femme we are proud to offer a full range of Petite and Original cupcakes. Flavours are listed on our website where you can also make your purchase.

Our Brownies

Q. How do I store my brownies?
A. Fifi La Femme brownies can be stored in the fridge or freezer. They will be fresh for 1 week stored in your fridge or up to 2 months air-tight in your freezer. We recommend serving at room temperature or slightly heated with ice cream! Yum!

Q. How many flavours of brownies do you offer?
A. 6 yummy flavours all made from scratch!

Our Cakes

Q. I really love your cupcakes but I would like a cake for a party. Do the same flavours apply?
A. Yes! All of our cupcakes flavours are available as sky-high cakes. Please see our online shop for details.

Q. I’m thinking of ordering a cake for an upcoming function. How many people do your cakes feed?
A. Please see our cake cutting/serving guide here


Q. Does Fifi La Femme cater for special events and occasions?
A. We sure do! We absolutely love weddings, birthday parties, baby showers etc. Please fill out our Custom Order Form for a quote.

Q. Do you offer wedding cakes?
A. We love to create amazing cakes, dessert tables, bonbonniere and all things sweet for your special day.

Q. Do you do macaron or cupcake towers?
A. Yes we do! Our macaron and cupcake towers are available to rent for $50. They are fully adjustable and designed to cater for any size event.
Nutrition & Dietary Requirements

Q. Do you have any gluten-free items?
A. Yes we do! All of our macarons are 100% gluten free. We offer gluten free cake and cupcake options for custom orders.

Q. I have a nut allergy. Can I eat your sweets?
A. Fifi La Femme is not a nut-free bakery. Many of our products contain nuts. If you have a severe nut allergy, we recommend not eating our sweets.

Q. Do you use packet mixes or preservatives?
A. No way Jose! All of our baked goods are made from scratch using the finest ingredients. We do not use any trans-fats or preservatives. The Fifi La Femme team take pride in using local, high quality products to bake beautiful sweets daily at our Islington bakery.