Oh sweet macarons! Not to be confused with macaroons-or your Gran’s Christmas coconut bickies. Macarons have been around for a long time with food historians dating the recipe back to The Renaissance. Brought to Europe by the Italians in the 1500’s all the way from Syria, the luscious treat finally made it to France in 1582. Le macaron grew so quickly in popularity, that by 1862, La Maison Laduree’s artisans were carefully creating them in a variety of flavours and colours. They took their time to get here. It was only in 2010 that Adriano Zumbo and Master Chef introduced macarons to Australians. Chefs all over the country quickly expanded their popularity. Taking inspirations from the four seasons, local produce, and international desserts and cocktails, Fifi La Femme is continuing the tradition of creating innovative flavours and colours.

Using only the finest ingredients, Fifi La Femme macarons are created by hand daily in Newcastle, and are 100% gluten free.

Fifi’s macarons are quickly gaining recognition as Newcastle’s finest. Weddings and other special events shine with the addition of Fifi’s macaron towers and macaron cakes.

Prices are $3 each

Box of 6 is $18

Box of 12 is $30

Box of 20 is $50

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