Tried the reeses pieces marcaron.. amazing! Peanut butter mini cupcake.... Awesome! The grasshopper brownie.. fantastic. What's even better was the customer service! Everybody should try this place! The new shop will be opening right my work and I can't wait !

An Na

I was at the Hopscotch Markets a few weeks ago and my very very cranky 2 year old saw cupcakes and desperately wanted one. I had no money on me whatsoever, and my daughter started to have a tanty - the lovely girl behind the table said 'here, you can have one, markets almost finished so most of these will get wasted anyway'. I am ETERNALLY grateful for your kindness! It turned my afternoon from very difficult to manageable with a tired toddler!! She ate half of it and I had the other half, it was delicious! I will come...

Amy Lochhead

I think I am actually addicted to the Macarons... all of them... particularly the Salted Caramel... YUM!!! The service is always impeccable, the desserts to die for and now they're in Charlestown Square - what more could anyone ask for!? If you haven't yet tried Fifi La Feme, you really need to!

Courtney George

Tried some macaroons from the night markets. Delicious!!!!

Sarah Purcell

delicious cakes plus the ladies there are good to look at as well lol

Mitchell Talbot

Absolute superb macaroons and brownies! Highly recommend these delicious sweets...

Tracy Kirkwood

So good- Great stall and service at Charlie Sq this morning! Plus all the Macarons are amazing.

Kieran Rezevsky

Bought a pack of cupcakes, macaroons, brownies and cookies from Charlestown today and they were absolutely delicious.

Emma Perceval

Great macaroons and cupcakes, I love the range of different flavours! I would definitely recommend trying them. 🙂

Emily V Gillies

Best macarons and cupcakes around. Can't recommend them enough, the staff are really cheerful and welcoming.

Matthew Fenwick

Oh my goodness!!!! So amazing. Guilty to admit we tried macaron, rocky road cup cake and brownies but OH MY GOD!!!! Everything was amazing!!! So beautiful, such amazing flavours. Thank you! ❤️

Nikki Yorke

After a movie last night I bought one of your gluten free salted caramel brownies, from your pop-up Charlestown Sq store. It was positively luscious. I don't normally eat gluten free but this was possibly the best brownie I've ever had!!!

Jules M Leeke

starFifi La Femme is my favourite! The most delicious cupcakes that leave you satisfied & smiling. I look forward to ordering my 21st birthday cake from them, then kicking all my guests out so I can eat the whole thing

Lana Becker

Just over a year ago now my partner and I bumped into their little pop up stall in Cardiff shops, and me being a sweet tooth couldn't avoid the macarons, especially because I was about to catch a train to Sydney and was super hungry... Sitting on that train I ate half of a salted caramel macaron and almost dropped the other 5 ---YES--- They were that incredible! -- The superbly crafted macaron easily being the best I've ever tasted in my entire life, this macaron was so good I swear it showed me the meaning of life that day......

Sylvia Taylor

So everyone one in my house is losing it over the new brownie....mintastic

Libby Walker

Bought a mixed bag of macarons at Charlestown Square earlier today - OMG they just melt in the mouth and the flavours are amazing. Mara - you are a taste sensation!!!

Marianne Allen

Just bought the salted caramel macaroon.... absolutely delicious 🙂

Elise Roskell

Bought macarons from Andrew in Cardiff today for myself & the girls at work & they were absolutely amazing as always! Our favourites are creme brûlée, salted caramel & the new blueberry coconut. Cannot rate Fifi La Femme highly enough

Jade Threlfo

I bought some Dulce De Leche brownies from the pop up shop at Charlestown on the weekend and I don't think I have EVER tasted anything so amazingly decadent! So good!

Kirby Slattery